Akshay Kumar might try his hand at writing a film

Superstar Akshay Kumar believes in never giving up and trying out new things
Written By Abhivyakti Seshanand | Updated: October 27, 2019 18:32 IST
Akshay Kumar might try his hand at writing a film

Akshay Kumar happens to be on a break from serious, content-heavy films by averting to comical movies like Housefull 4. Still, he believes every script has something special to it. In an interview with TNN he said, “I look at a script in its entirety, irrespective of genre. As an audience, if it engages me, I take it forward. The decision to act in it seems from whether I fit the bill as an artiste and if there is something genuinely fun, challenging and different to do. I don’t base this decision on whether a director is new or an old hat or whether the producer is an established guy or someone just starting out. My mind gravitates towards promising content across genres.”

As directors who have worked with Akshay Kumar confirm, the actor often improvises on the script during shoots. As of now, he enjoys suggesting ideas to the filmmakers he works with and has not considered writing a film. However, he also lives by the slogan “Never Say Never” so perhaps there is a possibility that he will write a script one day.