Ali Fazal fondly remembers late actor Robin Williams on his death anniversary

Ali Fazal remembers Robin Williams on his death anniversary. He adds that when Williams passed away, he received an unforgettable jolt. The ace comedian was found hanging on August 11, 2014.
Written By Apoorv Shandilya | Updated: August 13, 2020 15:29 IST
Ali Fazal fondly remembers late actor Robin Williams on his death anniversary

The legacy of Robin Williams Has stayed with millions of fans around the globe. Robin Williams was not only an inspirational actor but also a wonderful comedian. The actor was tragically found dead in his residence after he hanged himself on August 11, 2014. Recently Bollywood actor Ali Fazal said a fond memory of Robin Williams soon after his death anniversary. Fazal thanked Robin Williams for healing him through childhood.
On the veteran actor and comedian’s death anniversary, Williams' son Zachary tweeted writing, "Dad, today marks six years since your passing. Your legacy lives on in your family and in those who carry your spirit within their hearts. We will continue to fight for what's good in the world, for peace, and for connecting people instead of tearing them apart. Love you so much!"
Ali responded to the post and remarked upon how Robin Williams left an impact on his life. He wrote, "It's funny how thousands of miles away, your father managed to heal me through my childhood in so many ways.. him passing was indeed the jolt I will never forget. But with it we realise great art and its power to change and heal the world. He is a reminder of that Universal Balm.”
On the professional front, Ali recently lent his voice to an animated video which highlights the need for kindness in the present times. Ashutosh Pathak has written the couplet and it is made into an animated video. Neel Adhikari has provided the music for the animated video. Ashutosh has directed and created the animation.