Amala Paul thrashes media for blaming Dhanush for her divorce with AL Vijay

The Kollywood famous actress Amala Paul finally addresses the media reports that point fingers at Dhanush as the reason for her divorcing AL Vijay.
Written By Mohana Sravya Rayaprolu | Updated: February 18, 2020 13:31 IST
Amala Paul thrashes media for blaming Dhanush for her divorce with AL Vijay

The ‘Aadai’ actress Amala Paul and filmmaker AL Vijay tied the knot in June 2014 in Chennai. Unfortunately, their marriage ended by the end of 2016, and the media has taken upon itself to understand the reasons for this split. However, the actress has maintained her silence regarding the same for maintaining the integrity of her previous relationship.
But it isn’t new that a hard-working actress like herself would have to put up with a lot of rumours about her personal life, due to her professional success. However, Amala has been in the spotlight for a lot of allegations to understand her divorce until date. One of the more popular rumors is that the Kollywood actor/producer Dhanush could be the reason for the end of her marriage. This gossip has been buzzing among the fans ever since her ex-husband’s father AL Azhagappan, pointed fingers at Dhanush for offering work to Amala, post her wedding. In his opinion, Amala had already decided to quit acting by then, but when Dhanush’s production company had offered her 'Amma Kanakku’, she decided to go further with the film. This decision of her’s created friction in her marriage and that’s how the downfall began, as he stated.
In a recent interview, Amala Paul defended Dhanush yet again for these false accusations. She boldly stated that it was her decision to split with AL Vijay, and that nobody other than herself is responsible for it. She expressed her belief that sometimes few marriages don’t work and that it was just not meant to be. She also mentioned that it’s really immature of people to blame her co-actor/colleague for something as innocent as offering her work. She added that he is one among her well-wishers and is a dear friend. She slammed any further questions about her divorce since it happened a long time back. When enquired regarding her future plans about getting married again, she brushed it away saying that it ain’t happening in the near future.
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