Andrea Jeremiah dismisses rumors about dating an actor-politician

Singer-actor Andrea Jeremiah wrote a poem regarding her past relationship and many came to a conclusion she was dating an actor-politician.
Written By Manoj Kumar | Updated: December 26, 2019 16:47 IST
Andrea Jeremiah dismisses rumors about dating an actor-politician

Early this year, Andrea Jeremiah wrote a collection of poems and is about to release her own book titled Broken Wing. In August 2019, she read out her poems at a Literary festival in Bengaluru. In her poem, she spoke about her past relationship which pushed her into depression.
After four months, she has opened up about the backlash she received. She said, "My writing is very personal to me. It’s my soul stripped down bare. They called me last year and I didn’t go. They called me again this year, and I decided to go because I figured the universe wanted me to do this. There were no media and there was only a bunch of writers. So, I forgot that I was an actor for a minute and let my guard down. Possibly, I shouldn’t have done that."
She also added why she didn't like the way it blew up. "When you forget that you are an actor and you speak honestly about your life, it is taken out of context. It is reprinted and rehashed. The truth was simply that I read out a poem from the book and somebody asked me what the poem was about. I told them that it was about a very difficult relationship in my life. But that was a relationship from 10 years ago. Nobody latched onto to that point. The poem was written 10 years ago. It turned into its own Frankenstein sort of thing. I deliberately chose not to react to it. It was very hard and made me very angry. I was hurt because this was something very personal. I realized that this is what happens when people are honest about themselves. That is why we shut up and put up these guards. I did not react at all," she added.