Article 15 Three Weeks Collections

Written By Siva Sai Teja | Updated: July 15, 2019 14:54 IST
Article 15 Three Weeks Collections

Article 15 is a 2019 Indian Hindi-language crime drama film directed by Anubhav Sinha and produced jointly by Zee Studios and Benaras Media Works.

The film is based on Article 15 of the Indian Constitution, which prohibits discrimination on grounds of religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth.
Article15 inches closer to ₹ 60 cr... [Week 3] Fri 1.25 cr, Sat 2.15 cr, Sun 2.15 cr. Total: ₹ 57.98 cr. India biz.
Article15 biz at a glance
Week 1: ₹ 34.21 cr
Week 2: ₹ 18.22 cr
Weekend 3: ₹ 5.55 cr
Total: ₹ 57.98 cr India biz.

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3 Idiots actor Omi Vaidya opens up about dealing with anxiety during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic

3 Idiots actor Omi Vaidya recently spoke to Hindustan Times over a telephonic interview. Omi Vaidya is best known in India for portraying the role of Chatur in the Aamir Khan starrer 3 Idiots. In the interview, Vaidya has opened up about dealing with anxiety during the ongoing Coronavirus lockdown and pandemic.

Vaidya said that the pandemic did not just affect him mentally but also affected his physical health. He said, "I lost eight kilograms in just the first three weeks, from not being able to eat, and running around to get essentials. I have never felt this anxiety before. We are so helpless, that’s luckily subsided by now. Unfortunately, in some ways, we have gotten used to it, this new normal. That was hard."
Vaidya also said that as a regular actor the current time is very jarring. He said, "There’s also the existential crisis as an actor, or whatever you want to call me, influencer or celebrity. I don’t have a purpose right now. What can I do? Donate money; that’s about it. I work with a couple of copywriters from India, we wrote a very engaging and hilarious Hindi speech on corona, which I put up on Instagram."
He concluded saying, "Here, they gave us a couple of days, in India it was like ‘it’s locked’ that was in a way good. Here it was crazy, there were lines of people everywhere, people going all over, which would spread the disease more. I went out, everybody else stayed in, my wife and two kids, who are in school. How would we, me and my wife do our work, both of us have jobs. We made sure that we gave our children engaging stuff, not just TV."

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Tiger Shroff says he would do anything to play Spider-Man in a future film

Tiger Shroff has made a name for himself in the Hindi film industry with some of the most extreme action-packed films. Just in the recent past, Tiger Shroff appeared in War which made over 300 crores at the box office. However, this is still a certain kind of action film that Tiger Shroff says he would like to do.

In a recent interview, Tiger Shroff revealed that he is a big fan of Marvel's Spider-Man. Shroff said that he would do anything to play Spider-Man in a future film. Currently, British actor Tom Holland portrays the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man in all MCU films. He said, "I would do anything to do a Spiderman film. Ever since I was a kid, I was enticed by the whole superhero genre. I have tried to imbibe their attributes and qualities."
Tiger Shroff also said that he thinks his War co-star Hrithik Roshan would be the perfect Captain America. Tiger said: "I think Hrithik Roshan would be perfect to play Captain America because this superhero is the perfect superhero and Hrithik is a perfect hero as well. I feel Ranveer Singh would pull off Thor because Thor is so electric, and he is the god of thunder as well."
In the same interview, Tiger also said that he is not a party person and easily gets awkward. He added saying, "I'm very awkward at social gatherings. I usually tend to stay away, I'm not much of a party guy nor am I a late kind of person. I go to bed at 10 while these clubs open around 10:30," he said on Zee Cafe show, "Starry Nights Gen Y".

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Actor Vivek Oberoi thanks Sanjay Gupta for defending him against Nepotism remarks

Following the death of Sushant Singh Rajput on June 14 many fans have taken up to themselves to fight nepotism on the internet. This has resulted in internet trolls attacking and bullying other celebrities from the Hindi film industry. In the latest row of comments, many netizens called actor Vivek Oberoi the result of nepotism. One user took to Twitter and wrote, "Vivek Oberoi is a nepotism born."
Even before Vivek Oberoi could react to such allegations filmmaker Sanjay Gupta came to his rescue. Replying to the user's comments Gupta wrote, "What absolute nonsense. Do you have any idea what all he did to bag Ramu's COMPANY? His Dad had no role to play in it. And his performance... definitely one of the best debuts of all time."
The film in question is Vivek's debut act in Ram Gopal Varma's 2002 gangster drama Company. Vivek's role in the film is still the favorite film that stars Vivek Oberoi. The actor also received the audience and critics acclaim for his debut performance. Soon after Gupta defended Vivek Oberoi, the actor also took to Twitter to thank him. Vivek wrote, "Thank you Gups for standing up for the truth. Many of us chose the harder path and believed in sheer talent and merit. It feels unfair when people make uninformed comments like this, one such comment can brush away years of struggle and perseverance."
Recently Vivek Oberoi took to Twitter to mourn the loss of the iconic dance choreographer Saroj Khan. Vivek Oberoi has also announced that he will be taking up the role of a producer in the upcoming future.