Ayushmann Khurrana opens up about Bala-Ujda Chaman controversy

Ayushmann Khurrana finally breaks silence on long debated over Bala-Ujda Chaman controversy
Written By Abhivyakti Seshanand | Updated: October 30, 2019 16:51 IST
Ayushmann Khurrana opens up about Bala-Ujda Chaman controversy

Bala and Ujda Chaman are both films that portray the story of a young man experiencing premature balding. While Bala stars Ayushmann Khurrana in the lead, Ujda Chaman sees Sunny Singh as the star. Khurrana gets loved for his ventures into unspoken territories such as sperm donation, erectile dysfunction, and now, balding. His view has always been empathetic and continues to be the same.

The poster of Ujda Chaman said "takle ki pehli aur original film" (first and original film of a bald man). In a group interview, Ayushmann said, "The word takla is quite derogatory. It's not celebrating self-love. It isn't about just receding hair or baldness. It's about loving and discovering yourself more than anything else. We shot our film first, announced our film first. There's just one line which is similar otherwise it's a different film. I've seen South film after we completed the shoot. Once you see the film, you'll realize (the difference).”
Commenting on the controversy of similar release dates of both films he said, "It happened with Bhagat Singh also. I'm really confident about our film; it's a beautiful film and one of the best scripts I've ever read. Anybody can come up with the same idea.” Emphasizing his belief in credibility, Ayushmann said that a number of similar movies (based on receding hairlines) had made but it’s his decision to go with “the best director, the best producer and choose the best script on the subject. As simple as that.”