Battleship Potemkin - a rare classic gets fantastic applause at IFFI 2019

The 1925 released movie Battleship Potemkin made it big at the special screening during the 50th edition of International Film Festival of India
Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: November 23, 2019 10:16 IST
Battleship Potemkin - a rare classic gets fantastic applause at IFFI 2019

Along with the old classic Battleship Potemkin, the film 'Happy Birthday' also got positive reviews during the screening.

Happy Birthday:
The movie is about proceedings that happen on the day of the birthday of a mother. The screenplay is good. The characters came out well and the performances are topnotch. Especially the daughter who returns after 3 years and the filmmaker. All the scenes of the filmmaker are hilarious. The shouts and screams in the last half an hour are extreme that you literally feel that you are present at the birthday party. At times you even wonder where have you landed all of a sudden. Few scenes are insane and messy. If you are okay with family quarrels, problems and unpredictable behavior of characters then this Actor-director Cedric Kahn’s Happy Birthday movie is watchable for few laughs.
Battleship Potemkin:
The 1925 classic silent film that got screened with live music. Regardless of it being in Black & White, it's very contemporary and inspiring too. There are many pulse-tensioning moments in the middle. The direction is good and so is the editing and you won't believe that the movie had made more than 90 years back. Mr. Best has done a brilliant job with his piano in providing live music. It's absolutely an amazing experience altogether. A true masterpiece that everyone has to revisit.