Ben Platt as lead role Payton Hobbart in The Politician

Ben Platt, the Tony Award nominee, recently featured as Payton Hobbart in Netflix’s new release The Politician.
Ben Platt as lead role Payton Hobbart in The Politician

The story is about a high school student, Payton, who aims to be the President of the United States. His political career starts early in his High School when he runs for Student Body President.

Across the course of the show, many scenes invoke the need for a musical number which Ben Platt has performed with a success.
His voice has supported the show and the cover songs got released as a new soundtrack album.
The songs —River and Vienna— brought tears to the eyes of the audience on-screen and off the screen. The release of the soundtrack has already topped as the no.1 download and streamed on iTunes. The duet between Zoey Deutch and Platt on the song Unworthy of Your Love has received praises and loved by all.
Apart from Platt’s singing, the entire soundtrack fits the show perfectly. Each song suits the scenes and there is one song for every mood from the show. Each song makes the scene intense and makes the audience feel the emotion the character is going through. With a brilliant combination of music and actors, the audience cannot wait for the news of a Season 2 for The Politician.