Best films on Day two at IFFI 2019

Among the bunch of movies that got screened at the International film festival of India in Goa, some international movies stood as the highlights.
Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: November 23, 2019 10:13 IST
Best films on Day two at IFFI 2019

On the second day of screenings at the International Film Festival of Goa, the following are some of the movies that stood out as the best.

Stories from the Chestnut Woods:
The film reveals the financial situation of the people after the world war was well depicted. The characterization of the protagonist came out well. The Performances are good. Cinematography is very good. It's a visual treat. Editing is good. The technical departments have done decently well. The narration is too slow at times. The direction is good. The poetic narration is impressive.
Sorry We Missed You:
Sorry We Missed You, which is one of the best movies that got screened at the MAMI International Film Festival this year got screened at the International Film Festival of India and received huge applause. Director Loach has once again come up with a clean family Drama this time. The performances were brilliant and naturalistic. The story is true to life, likable and easily relatable to all. The director deserves the appreciation for picking such a story that showcases the lives of hard-working families. All the threads Boss Vs worker, Parents Vs kids came out well. This painful yet striking experience is worth watching.
By the grace of God:
By the grace of God could not impress the audiences. This French-Belgian drama deals with a catholic priest abusing young kids. The abuse survivors coming to know that the priest is still with young children and in an intention to save them they blow the whistle. The basic point is good and raises a curiosity in the beginning but slowly it fades out. The trauma scenes are poorly dealt with. The screenplay is boring with repetitive gathering scenes of the association formed. The film turned into a documentary style with most of the narration in a voice-over. If dealt properly it could have been a thoughtful film focusing the damage done to the victims.