Bhanu Priya reacted on the Child Abuse case on her..!

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: January 25, 2019 18:12 IST
Bhanu Priya reacted on the Child Abuse case on her..!

The silver screen actress Bhanu Priya was a perfect example of gracious roles after giving up her glam doll appearances, a rumour says Bhanu Priya is the villain in the real-life by the recent issue she messed up with.
Prabhavathi, who belongs to a village near Samarlakota in East Godavari district filed a child abuse against actress Bhanu Priya for ill-treating her 14-year-old daughter. She alleged that Bhanu Priya’s brother Gopala Krishna is physically and mentally harassing her daughter. On the other hand, Bhanu Priya said media persons that the young girl actually has stolen valuables of 1.5 lakhs from their house. And when she threatened the girl and her mother of a police complaint, the girl’s mother has decided to spoil the heroine’s reputation with a false complaint.
Surprisingly, the major twist in the tale comes from the maid girl that she revealed the actual truth before the media that her mother had lodged a false complaint against the actress. The kid confessed that she has stolen many valuables from Bhanu Priya’s house. So, the story came to an end after the Child’s confession but actress Bhanu Priya reputation has been altered for a while for employing a kid below 14 years age (Child labour).