Blue Velvet and Satantango are this year's Restored classics at MAMI International Film Festival

To celebrate some iconic movies that remained as classics, MAMI brings us Blue Velvet and Satantango for a special screening during this edition that starts on 18th.
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Blue Velvet and Satantango are this year's Restored classics at MAMI International Film Festival

Watching some old classics on the big screen is a special experience altogether and we don’t get a chance to watch them on the silver screen. To give such an elating experience to the movie buffs, MAMI organizers screen some restored versions of classic films every year.  

This year, there are three films lined up under this ‘Restored classics section.’ They are David Lynch’s Blue Velvet, Béla Tarr’s Satantango and Juraj Herz’s Czech drama The Cremator. Lynch’s Blue Velvet is one of the best mind-bending thrillers in Hollywood and it will be a surreal experience for the viewers to catch it in the theaters.   
Satantango is a Hungarian classic that has a run time of 450 minutes (7 hours 30 minutes). The cremator is getting screened as a tribute to Herz who passed away last year. Film lovers who love classics are waiting with bated breath to catch these films at the festival.

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Legendary Bollywood choreographer Saroj Khan passed away; Film lovers pay their tributes

Legendary choreographer Saroj Khan needs no introduction. The versatile and popular choreographer passed away at midnight. At 1.52 am, she suffered a cardiac arrest and breathed her last. She was admitted to a hospital at Mumbai on the 17th of the last month. She was undergoing treatment there and passed away at midnight. The doctors tested for COVID-19 and the result came negative. With the passing away of Saroj Khan, Bollywood is deeply saddened and is sharing their condolences messages.

She started her career at the age of 3, as a background dancer. She turned a choreographer in the year 1974. She did the choreography for the first time, for the film Geetha Mera Naam. She choreographed for almost 2000 songs in Hindi. Hawa Hawai from Mr. India, Ek Do Teen from Tejab, Dhak Dhak Karne from Beta, Dola Re Dola from Devadas are some popular works from her.
Saroj Khan's last film was Kalank. She choreographed the Tahab Ho Gaye song for Madhuri Deekshith. She grabbed three National Awards. She married Sohanlal in 1965. Hamid Khan is her son and Hina Khan, Sukyana Khan is her daughter. Her final rites will take place today.

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Alia Bhatt pens a 'thank you' note to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science for inviting her

A few days back, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science invited several artists from India. Among them, Alia Bhatt and Hrithik Roshan had their names on the list from the Bollywood cinema. After receiving this honorable invite, Alia Bhatt penned a thankful note.
She started as I thank The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for inviting me to be a member of the Academy. I feel at once honored and humbled. There is also a deep satisfaction in seeing that the voice of Indian cinema is finding a very well deserved platform on the world stage.
Alia added that she feels glad that the Indian artists are getting recognized and receiving a platform to express them. She added, "Every year, more actors, filmmakers, and technicians from India are recognized by the Academy and Indian cinema continues to reach the hearts and homes of people all over the world. I truly believe that cinema, like water, finds its level. And, like water, it knows no race, class, border, or geography and flows freely. It takes everything in its course: audiences who passionately love or hate it, critics who dissect it, students who immerse themselves in it. Our opinions about films may be divided, but cinema as a whole is a powerful binding and unifying force.
"In a world that can be unsure and fragmented, at a time when the very social media that is meant to connect people ends up dividing them, movies are the glue that binds us, " Alia concluded.
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'Badhai Ho' director Amith sharma confesses that Salman khan's 'Tubelight' movie is overrated.

Amit Sharma, the director, was recently asked to name an overrated film and his pick was Salman Khan's Tubelight. He admitted that he would have done a better job directing it. Tubelight was the third collaboration of Salman Khan with Kabir Khan after Bajrangi Bhaijaan" and "Ek Tha Tiger". The film is based on the 2015 film, "Little Boy", and reimagined against the backdrop of the India-China war of 1962.

He was also asked what rumor he would like to spread about his lead Ayushmann Khurrana for "Badhai Ho". He said it would be that "he is the wittiest, and has a mindblowing sense of humor. He has got a plethora of amazing jokes." He also talked about the hit film Badhai Ho". He said, "The one thing I knew about the movie was that it was a beautiful script and I have to do justice to this." The film got an 8/10 at IMDb. It even won itself some handful of awards and nominations.
He also said that "My background is advertising and because of this, I keep looking for ideas. I never really thought that a certain thing wouldn't work because 'Badhai Ho' had a lot of big ideas," he said on the show, 'Starry Nights Gen Y'.