Bollywood actress Bhumi Pednekar urges everyone to go for Eco friendly Ganesh idols

Bhumi Pednekar said that the Ganpati festival is her favourite time of the year and there are ways to celebrate the festival sustainably.
Written By Apoorv Shandilya | Updated: August 17, 2020 12:38 IST
Bollywood actress Bhumi Pednekar urges everyone to go for Eco friendly Ganesh idols

The Ganpati festival is looming over the heads of millions of devotees all across the world. To celebrate the auspicious festival many families and communities come together to get Ganesh idols. However, most of these Ganesh idols cause a rise in pollution levels all across the seaside. Actress Bhumi Pednekar for one has shared sustainable ways to celebrate the Ganpati festival this year.
Bhumi who is an activist for environmental rights said, “This is my favorite festival and we have been celebrating Ganpati for years in my family. Since I have been on this journey of climate conservation, I have realised that there are better ways of celebrating this festival, more sustainable ways. Nature is God, God is nature. We have to find better alternatives.”
“I really hope that concepts like these are adopted by citizens, to spread the message of ecological conservation to the next generations. I hope people are inspired to act and choose environment-friendly alternatives like this, which are revolutionary ideas to protect our country," she added.
On a more practical note, the actress has collaborated with a sculptor artist by the name of Dattadri who is also from Maharashtra. Dattadri specializes in making Ganpati idols out of trees and also plants seeds inside the idol. The idol can later be immersed in clay pots once the festivities are over.
The actress continued saying, “We have to work to change the mindset of people and try and make them realise that you can celebrate festivals with gusto but in the most environmentally conscious way too."