Chambal deals in the journey of IAS officers, Hope audience will travel with Subhash Role - Sathish

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: February 21, 2019 16:24 IST
Chambal deals in the journey of IAS officers, Hope audience will travel with Subhash Role - Sathish

Sathish Ninasam says every role will help you build yourself as an artist. Every role they pick will have an effect on them and will establish you in society in a grand way. Sathish Ninasam says with the role Subhash which I played in Chambal movie directed by Jacob Varghese will bring me a different image and I am sure the audience will perceive in a different way.
Sathish says writers and directors get inspired by real-life incidents, still, it will be considered as fiction. The characters which we play will certainly impact on society. Still, no film will get to the root cause of the actual incident. What actually matters is how the audience interprets and takes it. Dealing in the life IAS officer indeed there will be sensitivity and also there is a risk factor involved while playing the role of IAS. But with the director like Jacob Varghese, everything becomes easy. The story of IAS officer cannot be said in a lighter sense. Director dealt the subject matter and presented the same on screen with much more maturity. I really hope that Chambal movie will inspire youth. It provokes youth studying IAS and serving as IAS officer.
Trailer of the movie really played a bigger role in the hype of the film. However, we had heard many comments after the trailer but no one made any negative comments. Regarding the question, if this film is based on DK Ravi's life, Sathish neither he denies nor he accepts but replies that 'This movie is not about any specific person, there are some events inspired from DK Ravi's life but not stressed on him particularly.
Chambal deals in the journey of IAS officers, many events we have taken from many IAS officers. The director also tried non-linear way screenplay in presenting the movie. We hope that the audience will get the ultimate thrill. Compared to my previous movies in which I played comical roles, the audience should watch this movie with a fresh approach. I am sure that they will travel with Subhash Role.