Chandramouli and Rajashekar roped in for Darshan's Roberrt

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: February 12, 2019 17:59 IST
Chandramouli and Rajashekar roped in for Darshan's Roberrt

Tharun Sudhir knows the importance of dialogue writers in film success. For Darshan's Roberrt movie not one but two writers will be working to pen the dialogues. Writer Chandramouli who also worked for KGF and Rajashekar who worked for Amma I Love You and Victory2 roped in for Roberrt. Both the writers are new to industry hardly worked for a couple of films but possess high amounts of passion in them. One can witness the excitement and enthusiasm in them through the lines they came up in this movie Roberrt that too when a big star like Darshan in the house.
There will be huge expectations when a star hero movie is coming. Especially audience will be looking for some mass/commercial dialogues stuff. Irrespective of the genre of the film, dialogues alone will play a crucial role in giving an additional adrenaline rush. Just like songs also dialogues has a very special attraction when fans enter into theatres. Director Tharun Sudhir says audience will remember the dialogues forever.
He also comes up with an example saying 'one dialogue of Challenging Star Darshan 's Chowka in which he plays cameo anna kodo raitha nenakobardu, vidyekalsidguru' was very popular. He also mentions certain dialogues from the big star will receive a very high note, the impact will be mammoth. I will try my level best to come up with some fantastic dialogues which give maximum high to fans and masses.
Roberrt film will hit the floors in April and produced by Umapathy films. The title logo with special design coveying the theme of the film garnered some huge response among moviegoers.