Chinese film 'The Wild Goose Lake' is a Slow Poison!

Director Diao Yinan's The Wild Goose Lake opens to a positive response during the screening at MAMI International Film Festival.
Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: October 23, 2019 11:10 IST
Chinese film 'The Wild Goose Lake' is a Slow Poison!

This year's MAMI has witnessed some interesting thrillers like Les Miserables, Midsommar and The Light House. Chinese film The Wild Goose Lake is also one among them. Directed by Diao Yinan, this movie had its premiere earlier this year in Cannes Film Festival. Now, it is making a buzz at the Mumbai film festival.

The film is a noir thriller which portrays the clash between cops and a bike racing gang. The film starts on a sluggish note but picks up the pace by the end. On the whole, The Wild Goose Lake is an intriguing film with quite a few thrilling elements. The film is dead slow when it comes to the narration but it gets injected to us like a poison and leaves us awe-struck while coming out of the theatres. The movie's backdrop is authentic and reveals a lot of detailing that went into making the movie. It is also getting a positive response from the festival delegates and there is a possibility for the release of the movie in India.