Chiranjeevi lauds the Indian Air Force's floral salute to the doctors

Chiranjeevi is happy with the efforts of the government of Telangana in making Corona Crisis not affect many and his latest post appreciates all efforts.
Written By Anoop Sai Bandi | Updated: May 03, 2020 15:16 IST
Chiranjeevi lauds the Indian Air Force's floral salute to the doctors

The whole world is going through a crisis that was never seen before. The coronavirus pandemic has brought the entire world to a standstill. Everyone got confined to their homes. But it is the doctors who are working day and night and fighting against this pandemic. As a tribute to such warriors who are putting their lives on stake for others, the Indian Army has decided to give a floral salute to all the major hospitals in the metro cities of the country. Since this morning, The Indian Army, Indian Air Force and Indian Navy are paying tributes to these frontline warriors. This morning, Indian Air Force Personnel gave a floral salute to the doctors, from the air at the Gandhi Hospital. Megastar Chiranjeevi shared this video clip and said that everyone one of us is heavily indebted to both the Army and the doctors. He also termed them as the true heroes of the country.

Just a while ago, Chiranjeevi shared this video. Along with it, he tweeted, "సరిహద్దులు దాటి వచ్చే ఉగ్రవాదుల పైన పోరాడి, దేశాన్ని కాపాడే వీర సైనికులు, కనిపించని వైరస్ అందరిపైన దాడి చేస్తుంటే, అహర్నిశం మనల్ని కాపాడేందుకు ప్రాణాలు పణంగా పెట్టి పోరాడుతున్న frontline warriors కి పుష్పాభివందనం చేయటం అభినందనీయం. We are indebted to you both! Jai Hind! #TrueHeroes. (It is heartening to see soldiers who fight at the borders, giving a floral salute to the frontline warriors who are fighting against the coronavirus pandemic.)"
Chiru is also doing his bit in supporting the government and people during these tough times. Already, he gave financial aid to the relief funds of both the Telugu states. He has also set up a Corona Crisis Charity (CCC) fund to help the poor and daily wage workers of the Telugu film industry. All the major celebrities of Tollywood have donated to this fund.
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