Chitralahari Live updates premiere show review

Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: April 12, 2019 05:48 IST
Chitralahari Live updates premiere show review

Chitralahari Live updates premiere show review - Chitralahari FDFS Live Updates:
Sai Dharam Tej must be extremely nervous now as his upcoming film Chithralahari, directed by Kishore Tirumala is all set for a grand release on April 12. The film’s grand premiere in the US.
The film has generated a positive buzz, thanks to its intriguing trailer, which packed a lot of commercial elements. Love, romance, action and comedy, you name it and Chithralahari has all of it.
Chitralahari is a film that traces the life of Vijay Krishnan, who is let down by the luck factor and is dejected in life. The film has Kalyani Priyadarshan and Nivetha Pethuraj as the female leads.
Chitralahari Live Updates:
*Movie opens with the geeky beefed up SDT looking for an opportunity in life! Named Vijay looking for Vijayam in his own life.
*Posani plays his father, after Majili this is going to be another feather in his cap.
*Audience has high expectations on Sunil & Vennela Kishore both being in the film.
*Sunil surfaces as another ambitious underachiever but practical towards life.
*Prema Vennela looks classy on screen. Sai Dharam Tej mesmerized with some gracious moves. Audio, as we know, is already a hit with the audience.
*Kalyani Priyadarshan & Nivetha comes by scene after scene. Nivetha leaves a better impact for now. Kalyani’s voice seems a bit off on screen
*Kalyani plays the cringy demanding girlfriend who comes with a lot of conditions, makes you wince at times. Yet it keeps the tempo going so far.
*Nivetha is highly influential, plays a crucial role in the movie and in the relationship of Vijay and Lahari.
*Sai Dharam Tej as Vijay delivers soul-stirring performance and has shouldered the movie in the first half.
*A familiar territory reprised differently. Don’t expect a comedy or fast pace screenplay in the 1st half. Chithralahari is the story of an underdog with a conviction to chase his passion and who dares to dream. The movie has enough clap-worthy dialogues that keep you engaged.
*Comedy & chemistry must be in great measures in such films, both did not exceed expectations but didn’t go downhill either.
*First half ends with a small twist leaving Vijay back to where he began.
*'Glassmates' song is fun and well choreographed, we get to see some simple yet graceful dance moves from Sai Tej.
*Sai Dharam Tej plays a miserable character and that Bgm makes him look more miserable. Good writing, scenes get sucked by slow narration and lacklustre BGM. Sounds preachy in many scenes than entertaining.
*Two heroines with opposite characteristics - Kalyani is gullible soft and indecisive while Nivetha, on the other hand, is strong-headed, uptight and condescending. Nivetha's character and acting impress up until now.
*Vennela Kishore intro scene doing a Tik Tok video is hilarious. He Just feels like a fresh breath of air after a slow paced 1st half. Some funny dialogues by him, who plays a familiar Tamilian daaa...
*The metaphorical scene between Nivetha and Sai Dharam Tej on ‘ Judging from afar’ is taken really well. Meaningful and to the point. #Chitralahari
*Circumstances push Vijay (SDT) to the wall. His characterization is pitiable with stirring emotions.
*Sai Dharam Tej had a great scope, and he has delivered a neat performance.
*Vijay puts himself in the spot, goes for the ultimate test of life. Confronts every person and situation that pulled him down in life.
*Rao Ramesh, guest appearance in an important role in the climax.
*Chitralahari has many conversations, much Gyan, inspirational, motivating and everything youth needs right now. Concludes with a good message to society, preaching a bit about failure, relations & emotions.
*Chitralahari is not a film with big guffaws but you do laugh here and there & it leaves a smile on your face towards the end. It has the right amount of emotional elements, inspiring characters and a logical story to back up.
*It is just right there. Nothing more or nothing less. Sai Dharam Tej was good and refreshing, Nivetha did a decent job, Vennela Kishore and Sunil justifies their roles.
*For another time Posani plays major support to the film with an ending of Rao Ramesh in a scene it is a good watch.