Daisy Shah on the ban of Chinese apps: I feel bad for the TikTok employees in India

Daisy Shah, who's herself been a TikTok user, expresses her views on the ban of the app by the Indian government, says she feels bad for the employees in India; Read on
Written By Saumya Bansal | Updated: July 01, 2020 13:23 IST
Daisy Shah on the ban of Chinese apps: I feel bad for the TikTok employees in India

On Monday, the government banned 59 Chinese apps in India as a matter of protest against the tensions on the Indo-Chinese border. The apps also included the popular music-video app called TikTok which was downloaded by more than 130 million users in India. After the government's decision, mixed views came in from everywhere. Bollywood actress Daisy Shah, who has herself used the app in the past, expressed her views.

She told a leading daily, "The decision has been taken by the Government of India and is a city we have to accept it.
I have only been on Tik Tok for 2 months, this ban is more for the people who have been on this for years and years, the actual 'content creators'."
Whether we can avoid using Chinese products completely, Daisy said, "There are so many Chinese products that we use in our daily lives, sometimes even unknowingly. A lot of those are technology-related; including your ACs, your fridges, your phones, and chargers, most of the electronic devices that we use are manufactured in China in some way or the other. According to me, it’s impossible to cut off all Chinese products, at least right now. I have no idea what the future holds but it seems impossible in our current situation. You can’t stop using the electronics that we rely on in our daily lives. I feel that it’s not feasible to cut off all Chinese products."
She further expressed her concern about the TikTok employees in India. "This will definitely be a massive change for them and it will affect them a lot. Mostly, I feel bad for the TikTok employees in India, it’s a huge change for them and it’s really sad that they will be losing their jobs, which is tough especially in a lockdown. However, I’m sure our government hasn’t taken this step casually and they will have an alternative or backup for the employees, " she concluded.