Danish Sait, popular actor in Kannada tweets his depression story; Deepika Padukone and Rakul Preet appreciates him

Deepika Padukone too survived depression and she appreciated when Danish Sai tweeted his story and even Rakul praised him.
Written By Manoj Kumar | Updated: June 16, 2020 11:58 IST
Danish Sait, popular actor in Kannada tweets his depression story; Deepika Padukone and Rakul Preet appreciates him

Kannada actor Danish Sait who is popular for his performance in Humble Politician Nograj is a big star on social media. Danish Sait recently quit his career as RJ and opened up on the same on social media. Right now, Danish is working on making an impressive movie. His upcoming film French Biriyani is up for a release soon on Amazon Prime Video. Yesterday, he opened up his story of depression and urged people to consult a therapist when in need.

"My 3rd year through therapy and anti depressants, I don’t sleep at night without taking my cipralex tablet. Depression doesn’t look like anything, it makes you feel like nothing from within. Hard to describe, harder to understand. Doctors / professionals have been my only hope. Our trigger points are very different, for some it’s professional, some it’s personal. Sometimes, there’s just nothing but a hollow feeling. A gas chamber where it’s hard to live and breathe. Medical help is the bomb! Do it, even if there’s nothing wrong with you, it’s helpful. Spend time with therapists and you realise there’s a science to living life. There are techniques that help us deal with everyday bull, people / situations / conversations cause trauma, can’t blame them for being them, instead we work on oursvelves to navigate around problems. A broken hand can’t be fixed by a mechanic next door, it needs a professional. A broken mind needs a professional too. Self fixing is hard, simple truth is we’re barely aware of ourselves. Awareness to a problem is half the solution to a problem, my brain doesn’t produce enough chemicals that keep me balanced, I induce them, it works for me. I work out, it works for me, I speak, it works for me. Fix yourself! Don’t be shy, it’s all cool. It’s very important to find mentors, forget family and friends. We can’t choose family, friends come and go with seasons. Mentors bring perspective, mentors give advice, mentors shape us and make us aware. Experience is wealth, to the people in positions. share and shape. The truth of life is we are on our own journey, it gets lonely, it gets bright, it gets gloomy, and sometimes it’s a fight. I pray for Sushanth’s departed soul, must’ve gone through a lot. Give life a chance, we can’t fix it all ourselves, we’re human, seek help from professioals." posted Danish Sait on his Twitter profile.
A lot of actors including Deepika Padukone and Rakul Preet Singh appreciated him for opening up. Rakul replied him, "A big hug and more power to you. #speakup"
Deepika Padukone posted, "It is extremely heartening to see soo many of you coming out and sharing your experience with mental illness."