Darshan fans disappointed with Kurukshetra trailer

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: July 09, 2019 15:33 IST
Darshan fans disappointed with Kurukshetra trailer

Darshan fans disappointed with Kurukshetra trailer
The much awaited Challenging Star Darshan’s movie Kurukshetra has drawn flak on social media and also has disappointed his fans for misspelling a Kannada word in the trailer.
In its trailer it says “Itihasadalle Mottamodala Baarige Jagatina Chalanchitra Rangadalle 3D Pauranika Chalanachitra” meaning to say it was the first-of-its-kind in the history of world cinema that a mythological cinema was going to be presented in 3D. 
The word 'Jagatina' in Kannada, there is a stress on a syllable, which was absent in the trailer. 
Against this, Darshan fans have taken to social media platforms criticizing the production team stating, “First of all, the trailer itself is bad and upon that, you write in a faulty language also. At least, write it correctly.”
Although the movie trailer has received a negative response, it has managed to be among the most trending videos on YouTube. Because of ‘n’ number of negative comments, they have been hidden now. 
The movie which is yet to be released is produced by MLA of Rajarajeshwarinagar Assembly Constituency from Congress, Muniratna Naidu.