Darshan's role in Abhishek Ambareesh Amar revealed

By Xappie Desk, May 24, 2019 10:17 IST

Darshan's role in Abhishek Ambareesh Amar revealed

Abhishek Ambareesh debut Amar Movie director Nagshekar says that Darshan plays a pivotal role in this movie. Though he didn't reveal what the Challenging Star’s character will be, we hear that he will be playing a millionaire in the film.

Incidentally, Joru Paattu, the Kodava song featuring Darshan has been trending since the time the track released. Amar, also starring Tanya Hope, Rachita Ram and Nirup Bhandari, is scheduled to be released on May 31 and the distributors are looking to release it in at least 300 theatres in Karnataka, and around 100 theatres in the rest of India. The film, with cinematography by Satya Hegde and music by Arjun Janyam, will also see its international release on June 6.

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