Day One Round-Up at MAMI International Film Festival

Among a lot of movies screened at the MAMI International on the first day, Moothon and a few others stand out as the best.
Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: October 19, 2019 10:10 IST
Day One Round-Up at MAMI International Film Festival

The first day at MAMI International Film Festival started off with a bang. The staggering Girl, Varda by Agnes, Wet Season, Ad Astra, Sorry We Missed You, Baby teeth, A regular woman and Beanpole are some first movies to take off this season.

The following are the instant opinions formed on the films that we got a chance to watch.
Sorry, We Missed You:
Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Ken Loach, Sorry We Missed You is a heart-wrenching drama about a dysfunctional family. The performance of the leads is on to the point. Though the film has a melodramatic story, it never goes overboard and goes on the same plane. On the whole, as expected, Sorry We Missed You lived up to the anticipation and became one of the best films of the festival.
Wet Season:
Wet season is an interesting movie with a plot that traces the relationship between a Chinese teacher and her student. The plot is very simple but the way which the director has chosen to unwrap it is impressive. With no-nonsense situations, the director took the movie forward in a smooth manner. The performances stand out as the best and the crisp runtime is an added advantage. The only drawback is the snail narrative structure but this is one movie that leaves you in satisfaction.
Honey Land:
Honey Land tells the story of a woman utilizing ancient beekeeping traditions to cultivate honey in the mountains of Macedonia. Unfortunately, she gets competition from a new neighborhood family and it turns her life upside down. Still, she struggles hard and leads a life. The way natural emotions come into play in the movie will impress the audiences. The director made sure that the travel with the lead protagonist is authentic. The film is also an interesting watch at the festival.
Moothon is a bold, and intense drama that needs to come out in the current times. But, the way the director handled the subject will blow our minds. Certainly, the film might not receive well when released in the theatres because of multiple elements involved in it but Nivin Pauly must receive all acclaims for doing a role like this and pushing his boundaries. Moothon lived up to the expectations of an opening film at the film festival.