Dear Comrade Live updates premier show Review

Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: July 26, 2019 05:14 IST
Dear Comrade Live updates premier show Review

Dear Comrade live updates premier show review

Vijay Deverakonda is gearing up for the biggest release of his career with Dear Comrade, which is releasing in four languages tomorrow. The film directed by Bharat Kamma has Rashmika Mandanna playing the female lead.
Can Vijay Deverakonda pull off one more stunner with Dear Comrade? Well let’s see what’s in store for us
Live updates:
First shot - Vijay Deverkomda peeing. Second shot - Vijay Deverkomda punching. What a bang introduction, Fans literally screaming on top of their lungs.
Direct plunge into flashback with Jaathi Matham song. Just one word - Powerful. Vijay Deverkonda looks like a powerful gun on screen, firing shots with every scene.
Set up in Kakinada, Vijay Deverkomda is that rebel who gets involved in political issues to social in college. The first instalment of coming up awesomeness is set with a fight.
Hero bumps into heroine literally bump into her with a bike. Rashmika Mandanna and Vijay Deverkonda look extremely comfortable on screen as usual.
The amusing soundtrack, a perfect blend of comedy and emotions, lead pairs excellent rapport, audience are definitely up for a fantastic ride. It is going smoothly so far.
Suhas has yet another movie to call out his role, after Majili, Agent Sai and now this. He is here to stay
3 songs into the film well connected to the story. The movie, on the other hand, is consistently entertaining. Vijay and Rashmika make a handsome couple, the audience are going to love them yet another time.
Gira Gira is melodiously soothing picturized on cute shenanigans of the lead couple. Every little moment is delightful.
Simple life, pretty people, good humans everything going in the right direction until Vijay Deverkonda falls in love with Rashmika. Genuine emotions crash at once leaving Vijay heavily distracted in life.
Why and when Vijay says ‘Let me be your comrade’ is a beautiful moment. Definition of the word comrade is defined well and applied correctly.
Lilly and Bobby fill your heart with love by the end of the first half. You feel like you have already seen it yet it is so refreshing. It recaptures the same old formula and improves on all the elements and delivers what was promised. Feels a teeny bit long, if the second half is trimmed it is going to be another super hit for Vijay Deverkonda.
Beginning of the second half has an unexpected twist but wrapped up in a nutshell without boring the audience yet. Songs are such a cushion to this breezy film.
Movie shifts towards Lily and her life rather than our comrade and his struggles. That part is sidetracked making the audience completely forget it is a comrades story they wanted to tell and not a love story.
Vijay Devarakonda seems to be satisfying all his south fans - you get Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam flavour across the film in bits and pieces. Smart direction that.
Post some tears and smiles Lilly and Bobby aim towards different things in life, but not what you expect them to be.
How does the world look if women are protected by real comrades and not harassed by leeches in society? That is what this movie shows us and makes us feel through it. Lily becomes the centre of the film very cleverly, something to be watched out for.
Rashmika Mandanna is a gifted actress. She loved Lily on screen, there is no question of not falling in love with her character. She performs unwieldy, her character much stronger than she preceded Geetha.
Pace drops in second half steering away from the action and moving more towards emotions. Should have restricted some on-screen tears just here.
Dear Comrade towards the end struggles to keep its balance. Slightly trippy and almost about to fall and break the second half.
Comrade ultimately fights for a cause and converts a struggling Lilly into another fearless comrade how he does that and what all he faces in that journey is something to be watched on screen.
Every woman needs a comrade in life. It is lovely, warm, message-oriented, empowering. Dear Comrade is enjoyable exercise with slight hiccups in the second half primarily due to the pace. They treated an important #metoo movement with the right dose of love and power.