Director Raj Madhiraj turns as novel author

Director Raj Madiraju turned a novelist for an upcoming Telugu novel titled Sira.
Written By Thulasi Ram | Updated: November 16, 2019 09:50 IST
Director Raj Madhiraj turns as novel author

Engineering and medicine are the most opted courses among the Telugu states. Lakhs of intermediate students every year get pressurized day and night to score a good rank in entrance exams to crack admission in reputed engineering or medical colleges. The kids think that their life is done if they don't score well in these tests and also take serious steps if they fail in those exams.

Earlier this year, we have seen many intermediate students committing suicide after realizing that they have failed in board exams. Later, it got proved that there was a mishap in the paper corrections. Popular director and actor Raj Madhiraj took these incidents as the base for his upcoming novel, Sira.
The novel deals with how corporate colleges are pressurizing students to get good ranks and how that immense pressure is affecting the kids. The teaser of the novel got released the other day and it was quite intriguing. After watching the teaser, one would definitely wish to read the film.
It is a rare thing to cut a teaser for a novel but Raj Madhiraju did the best thing to promote his novel. Sira will get released on this Sunday and will be available in the market from Monday. It also got revealed that the novel will be soon made into a feature film.