Director Suri clarifies on rumors about his next film with Sudeep

By Xappie Desk, June 20, 2019 12:26 IST

Director Suri clarifies on rumors about his next film with Sudeep

Director Suri has time and again brought attention to the fake accounts on social media being operated under his name, and requested his followers not to believe any updates without verifying their authenticity.

The issue has reared its head once again, with a viral rumor stating that the director will be helming a new project with Sudeep. 'Whatever has been said in my name is fake. I don’t like to exaggerate my work, the way it is being portrayed now,' says Suri, adding, “I have complained thrice to the cyber crime police, but there have been no developments regarding the issue. The only forms of digital communication I use are text messages and e-mails. I don’t entertain any audition requests through social media.”
Suri also took the opportunity to state that no producer can plan his next film and that he himself will decide his next move. Referring to media reports of him directing Sudeep in a film produced by KP Srikanth, he says, “Firstly, I know Sudeep from Ranga SSLC days, and he is a good actor. So to work with him, I need to prepare with a different kind of a canvas, and I told him so myself during our last meeting.”
Suri adds that he doesn’t like to work in a given time frame. “I need space for creativity. At present, I'm concentrating only on Suri Popcorn Monkey Tiger, and my next project will be Kaage Bangara. I believe in forming a new team for each film and I won't stick to a fixed crew.”
Srikanth and Suri previously collaborated for Tagaru, and the former was also the first producer of Suri Popcorn Monkey Tiger. But, he walked out of the project 20 days after shooting began, and Sudhir, who has worked as a production manager to the director, has now stepped in as the producer. “Srikanth did not like the concept of my current project, and we agreed to team up for another film instead. We have a business agreement, which I will take care of,” says Suri, adding, “I had announced a sequel to Tagaru. However, after much thought, I've realized that it is not viable. Though all my previous films have an open end, including Duniya, and Jackie, I haven’t gone back to helm a second installment for any of them.”

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