Filmmaker Tahira Kashyap has dedicated a heartfelt poem to all Cancer patients on National Cancer Survivors Day

Tahira Kashyap also shared a video of herself reciting the poem where she is seen bravely sitting with a cancer scar on her back
Written By Apoorv Shandilya | Updated: June 07, 2020 20:07 IST
Filmmaker Tahira Kashyap has dedicated a heartfelt poem to all Cancer patients on National Cancer Survivors Day

Filmmaker Tahira Kashyap is currently spending her time with her actor and husband Ayushmaan Khurrana and their lovely kids. On Sunday Tahira shared a heartfelt poem on her Instagram dedicated to all Cancer patients on National Cancer Survivors Day. The Pinni filmmaker shared a video on Instagram where she recites her entire poem to her fans and followers. Kashyap is also seen bravely flaunting her scars that she received because of her masectomy procedure. She captioned her video writing, "A small something I have written. #nationalcancersurvivorsday."
A few weeks ago Kashyap also spoke about her life after her cancer in an interview with PTI. She said, "I was clear that there were two things I wanted to do- spread early breast cancer detection awareness and spare no medium to take this forward. Because had this conversation happened before and was on everybody's minds, I wouldn't have been sitting on my symptoms for two months."
Kashyap previously spoke about directing Ayushmaan Khurrana in a future film project. Kashyap said that she wants to acquire a name for herself before she gets to direct her own husband in a film. She added saying, "He is senior to me when it comes to working. So I need to earn myself a couple of films or a position where I deserve to direct him. I am also fretting because I don't know how it would be because we are husband and wife too. So I don't know how the situation will be like - will there be fireworks on the set or we would be able to maintain the absolute director-actor decorum."
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A small something I have written.... #nationalcancersurvivorsday . . Some scars are deep, some within, Some are seen while some are hidden. The thing about scars is , it reminds you of the past, The moments of suffering that you thought would forever last. But there’s more to these Goddamn scars, They are Secrets hidden far away, just like the stars. It’s the Truth which you don’t see with the naked eye, Oblivious to the functioning of the world, a blatant lie. But hear me, there’s more to this scar, It talks also about the fight, the resilience and your invincible power. My love and respect to those who fought, The treacherous battlefield that Few crossed while some got lost. But the thing with this health karma is that everyone is a winner, For it’s the fight that counts whether you an expert or a beginner. The fight with cancer is not just physical but also mental, Some battles are more tough to conquer especially if they are internal. But hear me again, we all have that fighter which has the universe’s might, The indomitable spirit that can’t be crushed by any fright. Hide not your scars my love, Show them, flaunt them, just like your bright smile, soothing to others eyes, And when you do that time and again giving people nowhere to run and hide, they will have to fall in love with your badge of honour, your prize. So hear me one last time, Fall in love with your self, All with dust, scar and grime. For that’s what make you, YOU Faulty, imperfect, blemished but all true!

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