Freddie Mercury's guilty pleasure at home; Friend reveals 'real Freddie'

Freddie Mercury had a surprising 'guilty pleasure' at home, apart from his cats. His friends Revealed what Freddie loved and what led to his downfall.
Written By Rajeshwari Jagtap | Updated: November 10, 2019 09:54 IST
Freddie Mercury's guilty pleasure at home; Friend reveals 'real Freddie'

The millionaire singer and songwriter also had a passionate life-long obsession with fine art and antiques. His Kensington home was a showcase for his expensive tastes. But he also loved something much less rock star when he was safely curled up at home. Peter Freestone was his PA for the last 12 years of his life and gave Express Online an extraordinary insight into the "real" Freddie that few ever saw.
The star always made sure he showed his fans what they expected: "He would go outside the gate at Garden Lodge, knowing the fans would be there. He would always strike a pose for the pictures, knowing they would run straight to get them developed and how much it meant to them. "He had such respect for the fans because he knew everything he had came from them."
Freestone, who was a close friend to the legendary rock star and let him stay with him at One Garden Lodge for 12 years, also claimed that Freddie had left ‘scarred’ following the antics of two ‘friends’ who had taken advantage of him. Speaking to Express Online, he said: ‘I would say, “This person is only hanging around for your money and fame.” He’d reply, “You really think I’m so stupid? It’s my money, my life. I know what they’re doing but I am getting something out of it, too.” The first person to ‘betray’ Freddie was his former driver Terry Giddings after he lost his license and hid this fact from him.
Although the main betrayal had said to come from his former manager, Paul Prenter, who has portrayed as ‘villain’ in the Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody.