Ganesh says we should delete 2020 from our lives because it hasn't been of any use to us!

Ganesh celebrates his birthday today! Ganesh is opting to have a low-key birthday with his family.
Written By Akanksha Sridhara | Updated: July 02, 2020 12:37 IST
Ganesh says we should delete 2020 from our lives because it hasn't been of any use to us!

Ganesh has been living out 2020 with the mantra “Stay home, stay healthy.” The Mungaru Male actor who turns 42 today is gearing up for a low-key birthday celebration with his family. He recently requested his fans not to celebrate his birthday stating that it is not an idle situation to have elaborate celebrations! “Health is very important for everybody, and our family has decided to be at our farmhouse. Secondly, this situation does not call for a birthday celebration,” says Ganesh. The makers of his upcoming film Sakath, however, have gone ahead and released a rap motion poster as a gift for Golden Star Ganesh.
Taking about the unfortunate year that is 2020, Ganesh says he’d like to delete 2020! “I guess, we will all delete the year 2020 from our lives because it has not been of any use to us,” says the Golden Star. Ganesh also added, “Having said that, it is important for everybody to stay happy, without getting into depression. I understand it is a tough time, but this time to spend with close ones will not come again. Nature is sending out a message to all of us that emotions and human values are important today.”
Talking about his two upcoming ventures, Yogaraj Bhat’s Gaalipata 2 and Suni’s Sakath, he says they will not be resuming shooting anytime soon. Talking about why he doesn’t want to shoot for his films right now, Ganesh says, “We keep saying, ‘Cinema is larger than life’. So how can we limit the filming to a small crew? If a hero has a fighting scene, he needs to face about 15 villains, for which there will be 100 crew members backstage. This is where safety measures should be looked into. Even if we manage to shoot a few scenes with 2-3 artistes, how long can we do that for? It is better to wait rather than doing it in a hurry. It will take time for us to get back to that pace of shooting.”
Meanwhile, Ganesh says that the cast and crew of Gaalipata 2 have completed shooting for the first half and are eager to bring the film to the silver screen as soon as possible. Things are looking up for Ganesh as he is on his way to sign a few more films. He already has three films under his belt - Gaalipata 2, Sakath, and Triple Riding. Ganesh will join hands with Director Suni to make The Story of Raayagada. He is already working with Suni to make Sakath as of now. Golden Star Ganesh will also reunite with Prashant Raj for a dark crime entertainer! They have previously worked on Zoom and Orange. Announcements will arrive today, on the actor’s birthday!