Gulshan Devaiah says ridiculing actors can often push them to the brink of suicide

Gulshan Devaiah also said that he is very comfortable with his current position in the Hindi film industry.
Written By Apoorv Shandilya | Updated: July 22, 2020 15:49 IST
Gulshan Devaiah says ridiculing actors can often push them to the brink of suicide

The debate surrounding nepotism in the Hindi film industry is still raging on with new stars weighing in with their opinions. Recently actor Gulshan Devaiah has shared his views on nepotism and talked about online bullying and trolling of stars. The actor shared his views on Twitter and wrote, “I am not an outsider or an insider. I feel comfortable being me. I exist, I belong & my life has meaning. I don’t depend on anyone else to tell me all these things. This is how I want to be & I definitely don’t want anyone else to fight for me either & I am grade A+++."

He added, “Being civil is honourable but it’s not entertaining and hence the crusaders choose the entertaining way.”
"How will you feel if those who you are ridiculing (not taking sides here) decide to do ‘ end themselves’ due to the constant harassment? Will you feel victorious? Will it give you a sense of achievement? #onlineharresment #trolling," he added.
Recently filmmaker Anand Gandhi also spoke about nepotism in the industry and said, " Nepotism has always been there. We are a nepotistic society. So people who have a problem with nepotism need to understand it is a consequence of a deep corruption that is a part of our reality which we need to fight but not in a superficial way. If you want to fight nepotism you need to fight cast, creed, race, communalism. Everything in this country that is decided by somebody’s birth."
Anurag Kashyap has also recently started a rage of comments on twitter after his comments about nepotism in Bollywood.