Harish Shankar hits back at haters on Pawan Kalyan's behalf

Director Harish Shankar proved love for his favorite actor Pawan Kalyan by answering to the irrelevant questions posed at Pawan Kalyan by netizens.
Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: November 12, 2019 09:56 IST
Harish Shankar hits back at haters on Pawan Kalyan's behalf

To make his stand clear on the ban of Telugu medium from the government schools of Andhra Pradesh state, Pawan recently took to Twitter and posted, "The recent decision of YCP led AP Govt’s policy of ‘Banning Telugu medium in Govt schools’ made me look at ‘Telugu books’ in my library with a great admiration, love, and care."

One of the followers of Pawan questioned the actor, "Pawan Kalyan Garu made his stand clear on Telugu but he tweeted in English. If he does not have a love for English, why did he marry a foreigner."
Although the fan wanted to disagree with what Pawan said, he made an improper statement without a certain logic.
Director Harish Shankar who claims to be a big fan of Power Star Pawan Kalyan answered to him on the behalf of Pawan Kalyan. Harish Shankar replied saying. "English maatrame arthamayyevallaki Kooda Telugu teliyalani...... Pity u bro."
Immediately, more people joined the conversation and this time, everyone posed questions to Harish Shankar and one of them is, "Mari Telugu matrme telisna veykthiki english teliyakudadhaaaa Small doubt brother???" to which Harish said, "Ban chesindhi Telugu ni English ni kaadhuuuuu Konchem vaaadandi bro !!!"