Harry Styles and Adele in a romantic relationship?

Fans were speculating their relationship after pictures of Harry Styles and Adele on a vacation in Anguilla aired out. Adele's weight loss is also the talk of the town.
Written By Khushi S Koppad | Updated: January 05, 2020 16:07 IST
Harry Styles and Adele in a romantic relationship?

Harry Styles and Adele left social media in a frenzy after photos of the two British singers, vacationing at a beach in Anguilla hit the internet. The duo, accompanied by The Late Late Show host James Corden, had seen having a great time basking in the sun at Anguilla, a Carribean island, shortly after the New Year. While the fans are speculating if there is something going on between the two British singers, Adele's weight loss has gotten everyone completely shocked.

In a photo from their vacation which had shared on Twitter, the Hello singer had seen wearing a polka dot dress and basking in the sun. We can also see the singer flashing a big smile. The photo has left fans talking about Adele's weight loss. Several fans took to Twitter to share their concern that Adele has lost too much weight and that they got worried about her. 
A fan tweeted, "I hate it when ppl say “ well at least she’s healthy now” like haven’t they heard abt eds? I’m not saying Adele has one but since we don’t know what triggered that huge weight loss we should stop glorifying it :/ hope she’s doing just fine." Another fan had this to say, "But wait a damn minute! Why would Adele do this to herself? The weight loss has aged her dramatically! Surely there was a healthier way to go about it? With all her money?"
However, some found her weight loss inspiring. "Adele looking gorgeous as always and not giving a single f**k while people are too busy discussing her weight loss which is none of their business," a fan said. What do you think about Adele's vacation with Harry Styles and her weight loss?