Hasan Minhaj trends on social media over funny Indian fan comments.

In a recent post, Hasan Minhaj got called 'Anti Indian' by various NRI Americans.
Written By Apoorv Shandilya | Updated: December 11, 2019 16:46 IST
Hasan Minhaj trends on social media over funny Indian fan comments.

It isn't new for popular talk show hosts to trend all over the internet. Hasan Minhaj, one of the most famous of these hosts recently found himself amidst fans who did not seem to like his stance on India in the past episodes. The interaction came as a part of Hasan interviewing various Asians living in America.

In the post, Hasan could be seen talking to a woman when he gets interrupted by a loud Indian man. The man shouted Modi slogans and called Hasan anti-Indian. Dressed in a traditional Gujarati outfit the man shouted, "Hasan, you are an anti-Indian man. You are not respecting our Indian, Hasan! Modi! Go Modi! I know you are from Sacramento. I am ashamed to say that you are from Sacramento."
The man cheered for Prime Minister Modi multiple times. Hasan was born and brought up in Sacramento, which is the capital of California. The video ended, in a particularly humorous way. The man came back to click pictures with Hasan saying that while they don't agree on certain things Hasan is still a good man.
People all over the internet found the video extremely funny and the video started trending really fast on social media platforms.