Hero Rajashekhar's next film is a courtroom drama?

Rajasekhar who walked out of Kabadadhari remake will now join hands with Andhra Pori director for a film based on a novel.
Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: November 21, 2019 09:46 IST
Hero Rajashekhar's next film is a courtroom drama?

Senior hero Rajashekhar is best known for his roles as a serious cop, in many of his films. Even in his last film Kalki, Rajashekhar played a police officer role. Currently, he is being considered for the role of a lawyer in the film directed by Raj Madhiraju.

If we get into the story, Raj Madhiraju is popularly known for directing the films Rushi, Andhra Pori and Aithe 2.0. He recently turned as a writer and authored a novel called Sira. This novel revolves around the struggles faced by intermediate students in the Telugu states, due to the peer pressure they face from the outer world. The recent suicides of intermediate students inspired Raj to pen this novel. He also said earlier he will make a feature film, based on the novel.
In a recent interview, Raj Madhiraju revealed that he is considering Rajashekhar for the lead role in this film. He also gave a rough narration to the Garuda Vega actor but the latter is yet to take a call though. Unlike the novel, the film will be more layered with different skin. It will be a courtroom drama that features the lead hero as a lawyer.
Raj stated that he will finish the entire script soon and will give another narration to Rajashekhar. It will be interesting to watch the actor in a legal drama for the first time and we have to wait for a few more days to get an official announcement on this project.