Hunt Begins - Marana Mass introductory scene for Thalapathy

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: February 05, 2019 19:12 IST
Hunt Begins - Marana Mass introductory scene for Thalapathy

Suchitra.S.Rao author of The Highway Mafia, an english novel, she was born in Chennai and brought up in Madurai. Her book gained popularity and received great praise from the book lovers. She also expressed her intention of making a movie based on this book. She also said some producers have shown interest in backing this novel based project.
Suchitra Rao grabbed the most attention when she said that I would cast Thalapathy Vijay in the lead role for Tamil version of the film. In a recent media interaction she elaborated the entire intro scene of the hero. It goes on : ”A man is seen casually lying on a vegetable cart in a highway where everything is normal. He sees a sight of a lorry driving nearby and in caution, he calls someone over the phone and informs them, ”They are here”. Somewhere else on a dhaba is a guy who answers that call, listens to it and then disconnects. Then he says "The hunt begins". He is the hero.”
Scene of this sort and that too on the hero like Thalapathy Vijay surely will be a treat to commercial movie lovers and Thalapathy's fans. The theatres will erupt with mammoth response. However we still need to wait for the official announcement. Currently Thalapathy Vijay busy with his project helmed by Atlee a sports based film, AR.Rahman to score music for this film.