'I might not have become an actress then,' says Keerthy Suresh

Keerthy Suresh, the National Award winning actress gets a lot of respect and love from the industry people now, after Mahanati
Written By Thulasi Ram | Updated: January 06, 2020 17:49 IST
'I might not have become an actress then,' says Keerthy Suresh

One of the most beautiful and talented actresses Keerthy Suresh has greatly impressed the audience with her amazing performance in 'Mahanati' movie. After that film, Keerthy Suresh became busy with a bunch of projects in other languages including Bollywood.

Recently, while talking in an interview, Keerthy Suresh opened up about her career and the support she got from her parents. "If my mother and father don't belong to the industry, I might not have become an actress too. I saw my mother's journey as an actor and all her experiences helped me in my growth. That is the reason why I haven't done so many mistakes which most of the actresses will do. My parents became successful and showcased their talent with less technical support. Whenever I talk to my mother about her experiences, I will always get surprised. When compared to their time, it has become easy for the actors now. Because of all the technical support we have been getting now, we should showcase more of our talent and I will always remember that," said Keerthy Suresh.
Keerthy Suresh has a bunch of projects in her hand at the moment including a Bollywood movie Maidaan, #Thalaivar168, and a couple of Telugu films, Miss India, Good Luck Sakhi, and Rang De.