IFFI selects festival gems for Kaleidoscope section

On the occasion of silver jubilee celebrations of the Film movie festival, the best movies of the year gets screened Kaleidoscope section.
Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: November 17, 2019 15:57 IST
IFFI selects festival gems for Kaleidoscope section

Every year, many films get screened across various film festivals across the world. Some of them get wide acclaim and soon, they do rounds in other festivals, which creates a buzz among the cinephiles. International Film Festival of India, commonly known as IFFI, arranges the special screenings of these films every year, under the section Festival Kaleidoscope.

This year marks the golden jubilee anniversary of the country's oldest film festival. On this occasion, there are 20 acclaimed films that are getting ready for the screening under this category. They are Portrait of a Lady on the Fire (France), Queen of Hearts (Denmark-Sweden), So Long, My Son (China), A Son (France-Tunisia-Lebanon-Qatar), Stitches (Serbia), Synonyms (France-Germany-Israel), System Crasher (Germany), Tremors (Guatemala), And Then We Danced (France-Georgia-Sweden), Bacurau (Brazil-France), Blanco En Blanco (France-Germany-Chile-Spain), Echo (Iceland), The Father (Bulgaria-Greece), I Was At Home, But (Germany-Serbia), La Belle Epoque (France), Iara (Germany), Little Joe (Austria-Germany-UK), Parasite (South Korea), Patrick (Belgium) and Piranhas (Italy).
All the festival delegates have most of these films in their watchlist and films like Parasite, System Crasher, and Queen of Hearts will definitely have packed house screenings. IFFI 2019 starts on the 20th of November and continues till the 28th of November.