Indian films get a lion share on day four at MAMI

To kick-off the Monday blues, MAMI International Film Festival is coming up with another interesting bunch of movies
Indian films get a lion share on day four at MAMI

Three days of the MAMI film festival flew in a jiffy, and people are thronging into theaters to catch some of the best films made across the world in this year. Till now, many anticipated films like The Irishman, Midsommar and The Light House got screened at the festival. Even today, there are a few interesting films to watch out for.

There is Liam Neeson starrer Ordinary Love which deals with the relationship graph of an elderly couple. Indian filmmaker Gurvindet Singh, who made films like Anhe Ghore Da Daan and Chauti Koot, had come up with his new film Khanaur. All these films are among the ones to look out for today.
There is a documentary on the Indian marriage system called About Love, an unusual comedy about a monkey repeller called Eeb Alley Ooo. Apart from these, there are many other intriguing films to watch out for on the fourth day of MAMI.