Interlude: Shadow: BTS' Suga to record fastest 10 million views by K Pop soloist.

BTS dropped the trailer of their Map of the Soul: 7 titled Interlude: Shadow by Suga. The song has already broken various records on YouTube.
Written By Khushi S Koppad | Updated: January 11, 2020 09:51 IST
Interlude: Shadow: BTS' Suga to record fastest 10 million views by K Pop soloist.

BTS is making a comeback and it is going be a memorable one. The K-Pop band is making a comeback with Map of the Soul: 7 and they dropped their plan earlier this week. From singles to fan meets and the album release, BTS has started the decade with a bang. The band dropped the trailer titled Interlude: Shadow featuring Suga. Yoongi was seen in the video minus the other members of the band, rapping about his fears, his fans, and his ambitions. 
The song dropped on 9th January, US time, and sent a tremor among the ARMY. The BTS Army didn't waste time in decoding the elements in the music video. As fans watched and rewatched the video, they ended up making a record with the song. BTS' Maps of The Soul 7 trailer titled Interlude: Shadow is the fastest music video by a K-Pop soloist to reach 10 million views on YouTube. 
Suga's Interlude: Shadow video beat J-Hope's Chicken Noodle Soup and V's Intro: Singularity. A fan page noted Interlude: Shadow clocked 10 million within 9 hours and 5 minutes. Chicken Noodle Soup music video clocked the milestone views in 9 hours and 33 minutes. Intro: Singularity achieved this within 15 hours. 
With Interlude: Shadow, BTS has set the release of their new album in motion. Following Interlude: Shadow release, the K-Pop band will be going to London and Berlin for a Connect session before they release their first single on 17th January. The new song releases a week ahead of Grammys 2020, leaving fans wondering if the music awards show will see BTS perform at the ceremony.