Is Priya Anand getting married in 2020?

Priya Anand, in a recent interaction opened up about her marriage.
Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: October 26, 2019 18:26 IST
Is Priya Anand getting married in 2020?

Priya Anand, who is awaiting the release of Adithya Varma, has acted in several films in Tamil, Hindi and Kannada. She has earned a name for herself in all these three film industries and is known to be a very friendly actress.
Recently, she was invited as a chief guest to the Tamil cinema journalists event to celebrate Diwali with all the media people. At the event, there was a Q and A session with Priya Aanand and she’s answered them all with such happy ends.
When asked about her marriage, she said that with all the blessings of their journalist, she might celebrate her Thala Diwali with her husband in 2020. She also added that her parents are in the US and she will celebrate it with her grandma and friends here.
This news of Priya Anand’s wedding has raised a lot of eyebrows. Many wonder who the lucky guy is. Earlier, it was rumoured that she was in a relationship with Gautham Karthik. However, they haven’t admitted it publicly.