iSmart Shankar Live updates premier show Review

Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: July 18, 2019 06:24 IST
iSmart Shankar Live updates premier show Review

iSmart Shankar live updates premier show review

Puri himself said or wrote in his movie, Neninthe that he isn't worried about movies becoming hits or flops, as he will keep making them. He almost declares that he is made just for this.
However, His credibility as a director was questioned when he continued to churn out flops after flops. Though he tried to bounce back, few of his films worked but was not enough.
It looks like for his upcoming film iSmart Shankar Puri has given his everything and is waiting to prove himself as the director. Hero Ram is also waiting for a perfect blockbuster. Let’s hope that the film lives up to the expectations
Live updates:
*Everyone’s adrenaline pumped to watch the high voltage Ram backed by Puri & Mani Sharma - it’s Housefull
*This could be a game-changer for Ram or blink and miss commercial. Let’s begin the madness live!
*ISmart Shankar opens with the iSmart Nidhi looking hot in formal wear, holding her guinea pic ( which she calls elaka) followed by Shankar, Ram. Ram is seen bashing up cops right in the opening scene.
*Shankar takes us back into his flashback when Nabha walks in uttering the word Makkel*** and shocks Shankar with a slap. But obviously shits in pants when Shankar takes out his gun.
*Title song had super mass beats by Mani Sharma and mass moves by Ram and Puri’s mass touch. Fans are sure to get a good kick out of it.
*Our Puri hero addresses heroine as turkey Kodi, chases her like a hungry man chasing a hen for his meat. The whole supposedly funny ‘Kharab chesthunnadu’ scene looked awkward on-screen.
*A beach song with Nabha. Immediately a fight scene. This has been the case so far - fight, a song, and another fight, nothing substantial.
*Two important twists in the first half. They might be the most important scenes in the film but looked super flat on the screen. No emotion or background created to create an impact on the audience.
*Maisamma song - has great folk beats and two pretty girls dancing to the rhythm; doesn't really stir the kick on-screen
*Almost interval and we can call this a brain off, ala the face-off concept. A little intrigue is created by the end of the first half - thank god for the little leftovers from Puri.
*That BGM by mani has given the movie a total paradigm shift. Ram doesn’t have way too many dialogues by the end of 1st half he slowly grows on you from annoying to tolerable.
*First half of iSmart Shankar - No brain splattering story or concept, 3 songs, and 4 fights, non-emotional love track, no depth in any of the characters, barely-there twist. Lost between being toxic and funny it ends up being mediocre.
*If the 2nd half is as mediocre as 1st, the movie in totality goes wrong.
*Second half opens with Dhimag Kaharab song. Ultimately energetic flashy looking mass song, 10 points to choreography there.
*Crude first half converts into a slightly engaging 2 half with the right level of craziness. It still takes a while for all the elements to come together seamlessly and make sense. It is getting there.
*Humko bandh kartha? Tereko baaigan is bartha kartha - Ram did a good job, He is effortless and makes Shankar worthwhile. Although the absence of A list actors is clearly felt.
*Puri and his fascination towards police is a well-known fact. CBI, Shankar, and goons all come together to find the blackspot, who was kept as suspense until the end. This one couldn’t shock the audience unfortunately or maybe because the audience has become smarter.
*Superb climax sequence with Sanskrit slogans, rams six-pack, Mani Sharma BGM, fantastic cinematography, and a withholding villain - but the movie didn’t have a story to enhance the entire sequence, indulge the audience and give a high.
*iSmart Shankar overall has less iSmartness in story and screenplay, has overwhelming Shankar all over. It is one of those movies you just stumble upon and move on quickly. One time watch for Puri, Mani Sharma, and Ram fans.