It is finally homecoming for Spider-Man as Sony and Disney strike a deal

Our friendly neighbourhood superhero - Spiderman is back in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and he is here to stay.
Written By Thulasi Ram | Updated: September 28, 2019 15:03 IST
It is finally homecoming for Spider-Man as Sony and Disney strike a deal

Earlier this year Sony Pictures, the studio that owns film rights to Spider-man announced Spider-Man’s exit from MCU. The News created an uproar amongst Marvel fans demanding the inclusion of Spider-man back in the MCU.

This step resulted from tensions between Sony Pictures and Disney. A statement released by Sony said the company was “disappointed” by Disney’s demand for a greater stake in the Spider-Man films. Negotiations between Sony and Disney began with Disney demanding equal financial rights between two studios. But Sony wanted to stick to the existing deal, which has entitled Marvel to 5% of gross and all merchandise revenue.
When this news broke, fans were quick to take sides and the majority supported Disney. They claimed that it was Disney Studios that gave Spider-Man the importance it got. Marvel heroes like Clinton Barton, Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Holland, the actor now playing the role of Spider-Man dissed this move of Sony.
Seems like fan power pulled our spidey back into the MCU. Recently Sony and Disney announced that Spider-Man will continue being an Avenger. Kevin Feige who is also the president of Marvel Studios will produce the next instalment of a Spiderman franchise. All’s well that ends well is what we all need and this move by both studios will make their fans say ‘I love you 3000’.