K Bhagyaraj makes misogynistic comments against women

At Karuthukalai Padhivu Sei audio launch, filmmaker K Bhagyaraj made some distateful remakes.
Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: November 28, 2019 16:32 IST
K Bhagyaraj makes misogynistic comments against women

K Bhagyaraj is one of the most respected filmmakers in the history of Tamil cinema. He knew as the screenplay guru for many established actors now. Recently, at the audio launch of Karuthukalai Padhivu Sei, Bhagyaraj said people cannot just blame men for all the issues.

He further added that the crime against women happen only because they gave them the opportunity to exploit themselves. He said, “Those days, there were certain restrictions on women. But with the inception of the telephone, those restrictions have come down. Women used to behave within limits and restrained. It pains me to say this, but then, we find women whispering into their cell phones everywhere, even on roads. What they would talk, I wonder.”
He also blamed women for the Pollachi sexual assault. Quoting the Tamil proverb, he said, “Oosi idam kudukaama nool nozhayadhu (the thread won't enter if the needle doesn't give it space to do so). Even if it said in a comic vein, that is the truth. It's only because you women give space that there is an opportunity for mistakes. How can you always just blame boys?”