Kangana Ranaut designs sister Rangoli Ranaut's Kulu house

Kangana incorporated every single preference of mine while designing this home. said sister Rangoli Ranaut when talking about her Kulu home.
Written By Jacqueline Williams | Updated: June 09, 2020 12:57 IST
 Kangana Ranaut designs sister Rangoli Ranaut's Kulu house

A lot of celebrities are turning into interior designers during this quarantine. They have taken to redesigning their study rooms and bedrooms. Among the many is the hit Queen star Kangana Ranaut. She transformed into a designer to help her sister Rangoli. Ranaut's perspective towards designing is more towards its application and experience rather than material sourcing. Everybody knows that Kangana is a vocal advocate for sustainable fashion and Khadi. She helped in decorating the Kullu home of sister Rangoli.
She mixed comfort with aesthetics by sourcing materials from the various domestic markets. Rangoli talked about the redecoration of the house. She said, "We hired a local contractor from Kullu. I am not into décor. Kangana asked me what kind of house you want - Italian, French, Victorian, hill house or colonial. I said I don’t know all of these. I want a house that reflects my personality. So, Kangana made me and Ajay sit and made notes to understand our preferences,”
She continued, “Kangana loves old and rustic designs, but I told her I don’t want it that way. I like rustic and vintage, but I wanted something new and practical. Since it’s a hilly area, one can see a lot of woodworks. I told Kangana that we must use wood, I also told her that I love marble stones which she doesn’t. Kangana incorporated every single preference of mine while designing this home.”
Rangoli revealed that all the detailing of the house was taken care by Kangana. She contributed to all the little artifacts and imported materials which celebrity houses are known for. She said, "Finishing and delivery of all these products were amazing and timely. We directly dealt with the producers and didn’t involve a middleman in this. It neither helps them or customers. I like one of my chandeliers which is half metal and half glass from a Delhi based Indian store.”
Safe to say, Rangoli was extremely happy with sister Kangana's help. The house looks beautiful with a local touch to it!