Khushbu quits Twitter because of negativity

Khushbu, a famous actress and politician quit Twitter recently due to negativity.
Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: November 12, 2019 21:15 IST
Khushbu quits Twitter because of negativity

Citing that the negativity is on the rise on social media, Congress spokesperson and veteran Tamil actress Khushbu Sundar bid goodbye to Twitter. Her recent action on the social-media website has raised a lot of eyebrows as she has been a person who known for her strong opinions.

When asked why she quit Twitter, she told a news portal, "The negativity on Twitter was consuming me. I was becoming who I am not. I had to [quit] to prevail my sanity and keep it intact. I am not somebody who quits because of the trolls. For me, as a person, it was important that I remain who I am."
A few weeks back, a troll took to Twitter to shame her daughter Anandita. Khushbu it back at the troll and gave a taste of his own medicine. She also received maximum support from the film fraternity who blasted the troll for shaming a child.
Apart from that, she also subjected to Islamaphobic hate on Twitter for several years now. In fact, she also changed her name to khushbusundar..and it's NAKHAT KHAN for the BJP..”