Labrinth’s hit new single 'Something's Got to Give' has a video

Labrinth recently released a video for his new hit single Something's Got to Give.
Written By Abhivyakti Seshanand | Updated: October 31, 2019 15:05 IST
Labrinth’s hit new single 'Something's Got to Give' has a video

This new song, a part of his sophomore album set to release in November 2019, has anticipated for a long time. Labrinth who recently came back in the limelight for his work on the Euphoria soundtrack gained fame for his work which released six years ago.  

Over the course of the years, he has dropped a few singles along with collaborations with Sia and Diplo to form the group LSD. His music production on the Euphoria soundtrack released on iTunes this month was a huge success.   
Something’s Got to Give is the 4th single he has released from his upcoming album. The video involves Labrinth running across a beach, travelling in a car and moving through a forest area to finally get to his destination. While talking about this particular track, he mentioned: “I wanted to create a song in the journey of my album that encapsulated the feeling of betting your whole life on something, and being close to giving up before the big payoff”. At the same time, he has been working with Kanye West on the track ‘God is’ which he has Co-written and Co-produced.   
The release of his new album is being awaited by all, and Labrinth’s fans cannot wait further for his amazing music!