Lakshmi Manchu gives us fitness and wellness goals with her yoga workout

Lakshmi Manchu is a huge yoga nut often shares videos of her performing various yoga asanas along with her series of workout videos.
Written By Akanksha Sridhara | Updated: June 10, 2020 19:27 IST
Lakshmi Manchu gives us fitness and wellness goals with her yoga workout

Lakshmi Manchu is a huge fitness enthusiast. Physical and mental. She often shares videos of her daily workouts. While sometimes she hits the gym to lift weights, sometimes she resorts to yoga. Lakshmi Manchu absolutely loves yoga and meditation. She shared a time-lapse video of her performing a few yoga poses. She took to the caption to talk of the escape that yoga gives her.
Lakshmi Manchu wrote, "Today's practice had a lot of twists and turns but it is so easy for me to surrender my mind and thoughts when I do yoga. I hope all of you find joy in doing this practice. I share this love and peace with all of you. Shambo!"
A couple weeks ago, Lakshmi had shared a similar video thanking her yoga teacher Anshuka. The combination of exercises and yoga poses that Lakshmi performed seemed quite challenging. It seems like Lakshmi enjoys them nonetheless! She shared the video with the caption, "And she does it every-time... kills the unwanted,useless energies, thoughts and fills it love, strength and perseverance. Thank you @anshukayoga for your gift of teaching. So grateful... bring it on Monday and every day when I practice with you. #shambo #yogajunkie #yogahigh #purelove #gratitudeattitude "
Lakshmi Manchu also took to her Instagram Story to express her love for mangoes! She shared a photo of her enjoying a mango for breakfast! She added a graphic that read 'BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS.' Lakshmi also shared a second photo right after breakfast. She posted a selfie with 'Post mangoes glow' written across. And she's right! Lakshmi certainly has a glow on her face!
Meanwhile, Lakshmi Manchu is spending her time in quarantine exercising, cooking and spending time with her daughter.