Lakshmi's NTR Live updates premier show Review

Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: March 29, 2019 00:47 IST
Lakshmi's NTR Live updates premier show Review

Lakshmi's NTR Live updates premier show Review - Lakshmi's NTR FDFS live updates

After hundreds of hurdles and controversies, Ram Gopal Varma's ‘Lakshmi's NTR’ is finally hitting screens this Friday. Let’s see what RGV has come up...
Lakshmi's NTR movie opens with packed theatres! ‘Jai Ballaya’ chants resounded the theatre when special thanks to Balakrishna appeared. The most talked about a name and most controversial movie in 2019.
*Movie Opens with Lakshmi stepping out of auto, symbolizing her entry into his life. Mesmerizes NTR with her words, convicts him to stay in his life with a purpose.
*Rama Rao - Parvathy story begins.
*Kalyan Malik gives a ticklish Bgm for Mohan Babu entry.
*As a testimony CBN introduction has a snake Bgm. The cycle symbol changed to a rickshaw. CBN looks apt on screen.

*Two songs into the film and Lakshmi Parvathy becomes ‘nuvvu’ from ‘meeru’ Story aside so far it’s been commercially acceptable directorial.
*2 different families - one having a peaceful conversation about life while the other with hatred and bigotry.
*Everyone merely seems like a caricature of famous people. No one barely acts just imitation is what is being done on screen.
*Narration is slowly topped with hero’s slow dialogue delivery (which is supposedly an old NTR style of talking).
*NTR’s family, his people, movies and politics v/s Lakshmi Parvathi.
*Movie shows everything else in a negative shade except Lakshmi Parvathi who is shown as a person with a golden heart and not a gold digger.
*Interval bangs with oppositions as CBN and Lakshmi Parvathi. Lakshmi Parvathi glows while CBN frowns.
*Slow in bits but keeps us hooked barring all the imitation acting by hero NTR and his family. The docu-rage-drama begins now.
*Second half begins with intense involvement of Lakshmi Parvathi in Ntrs life and into politics. The guy who played CBN still does not have much to do except for a couple of mimic dialogues, the potential being wasted. And the lead looks nothing like Ntr except his dialogue delivery.
*Writer penned down some real harsh words towards CBN conveniently portraying him as a vicious unfaithful snake.
*CBN starts plotting against LP - putting his full political passion in force in order to pull her apart from NTR's life to resurface an important man in his party. This RGV movie has no guns and blood it only has Parvathi, Parvathi, and Parvathi.
*Whether you are Pro NTR or Pro CBN, the viceroy scene makes you sympathize with NTR. It was well done.
*For younger generations if this is the story they are told, CBN will be hated deeply. There should be another version showing CBN's side of the story, for this is a Lakshmi Parvathi movie.
What is the actual story? Is Lakshmi Parvathi an opportunist? Is NTR so naive to fall for Lakshmi Parvathi? Is CBN that conniving? Is NTR's family that heartless? We cannot decide that based on 1 film by RGV, let’s just leave it as a movie for now.
In real life, NTR might have passed away with a heart attack but in Lakshmi’s NTR he dies of heartbreak. Heart break caused by CBN and the trust he put on him.
This movie completely revolves around LP and her devotion, love, and dedication towards NTR.
NTR's family and CBN are the villains in this RGV's docu-rage-mentary.
A one-sided Lakshmi Parvathi movie is just as ordinary. Typical RGV slow pace, average music, unexceptional casting, cynical output calls for a 2.5/5.

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