Lockdown Binge: From Stanger to Possessed, best Korean thriller dramas to watch online on OTT

Check out our this week's list of best Korean thriller dramas to watch online on the OTT platforms in this lockdown
Written By Saumya Bansal | Updated: May 17, 2020 09:01 IST
Lockdown Binge: From Stanger to Possessed, best Korean thriller dramas to watch online on OTT

As we move to the fourth phase of the lockdown, some of you might be out of shows and movies to binge. No worries. This week we've brought to you a list of best Korean thriller dramas which will satiate your wish for a good watch. From Stranger to Possessed, check out these famous thriller Korean dramas:

Starring Cho Seung-Woo and Bae Doona in the lead roles, Stranger is the story about a prosecutor who has lost the ability to feel empathy tackles a murder case. In his journey amidthe whole political corruption, he's accompanied and helped by a female detective. Watch the show on Netflix.
Staring Song Sae-byeok and Go Joon-hee in the lead roles, Possessed is a famous Korean thriller show. The story is about a reluctant clairvoyant who joins forces with a brusque police detective hiding a soft heart to help him solve criminal cases using her psychic abilities. You can watch the show on Netflix.
Starring Lee Seung-gi and Bae Suzy in the lead roles, Vagabond is the story surrounding a man whose nephew dies of a plane crash. The stunt man later resolves the case with the help of covert operative Go Hae-ri.
Starring Ju Ji-hoon and Ryu Seung-ryong, Kingdom is one of the most thrilling dramas in Korea. It's synopsis reads 'While strange rumours about their ill king grip the kingdom, the crown prince becomes their only hope against a hysteria plague overtaking the land.' Signal Starring Kim Hye-soo and Lee Jee-hoon in the lead roles, the story of signal revolves around a profiler and a detective who join forces to join hands to tackle crime and injustice. The show is very famous on Netflix.
The K2:
The K2 is an amazing thriller drama on Netflix which was released in 2016. Ji Chang-wook and Song Yoon-a are the lead actors of the show. Its synopsis reads 'A fugitive soldier gets swept up in personal and political intrigue when he's hired as a bodyguard for the family of a presidential candidate.
This Korean drama available on Netflix is all about action and suspense. While chasing a serial murderer, a detective ends up 30 years in the future. The show stars Choi Jin-hyuk and Yoon Hyun-min.