Major fallout between Danayya and Boyapati srinu ?

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: February 07, 2019 15:20 IST
Major fallout between Danayya and Boyapati srinu ?

In the film industry only success speaks, Some also say that success is overrated in the Film industry. A super hit film will bring two people together and flop or a disaster movie strain relations and even make two close friends into enemies. This is quite a common scenario in the film industry.
Now it Looks like, this is what happened with the team of Vinaya Vidheya Rama. Vinaya Vidheya Rama directed by Boyapati Srinu was one of the much-anticipated movies in Tollywood. Since Rangasthalam was a huge hit, people naturally expected VVR to blow the box-office, but it blew their minds instead.
Now it is strongly speculated in industry circles that all is not well between producer DVV Danayya and director Boyapati Sreenu after the debacle of Vinaya Vidheya Rama. UV Creations had bought the distribution rights of the film for a whopping Rs 72 crore for Andhra Pradesh and Nizam area. The film made over all a 90 crore pre-release business and managed to collect RS 64 Crores share worldwide leaving its distributors in 26 Crores loss. DVV Danayya and Ram Charan have come forward to shell out Rs 5 crore each to distributors to share the losses and Dannaya has already paid Rs 70 lakhs to the overseas distributor. He might pay another Rs 50 lakh as they incurred huge losses. As per the sources recently producer Danayya and Dil Raju have met director Boyapati to discuss over paying compensation to the distributors. However, Boyapati was not happy with the proposal of compensating 5 Crores and somehow agreed to return only 2 Crore. Boyapati was not ready to compensate on par with Dannaya. He allegedly argued that Dannaya made huge profits through various sources for the movie and he should compensate even more and he said Dannaya can’t dictate me on how much should I compensate.
Apparently, some heated arguments took place between Danayya and Boyapati Srinu. And this argument turned into a big fight between them. Dil Raju and others who were part of this meeting tried to control them. It seems even Charan is not happy with Boyapati for various reasons. Anyhow this, not a new scenario in film industry one flop is enough to spoil the relationships in the industry.