Makers of Premier Padmini puts the epoch car for auction

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: April 20, 2019 13:20 IST
Makers of Premier Padmini puts the epoch car for auction

Makers of Premier Padmini came up with this innovative idea of auctioning the epoch car in the view of equating with the audience. The title of the movie was named after this vintage car, now they are in plans to put Premier Padmini at auction. The audience has a golden opportunity to buy this vintage car. Makers will put the car at the main theatre on April 26th the release day. The audience can witness the car at the main theatre and can tender for the car.

Veteran Jaggesh, Madhoo, Pramod will be playing main leads, apart from them the car will also be playing a significant role in the movie. Producer Shruti Naidu says that to find this vintage car that too in working condition was the biggest challenge. This is her first film as the producer. The challenge went on became much worse as they were not looking for one but for two of such cars. We could engage with the people who are still using this car with utmost zeal who has no intention of selling them and there were also people who treated it as an heirloom. However, we were able to explore two cars, one in Bengaluru and other in Mysuru. Other biggest task was re-engineering this car too open - top.
A mechanic in Mysuru was able to engineer it as we desired. We bought this car for 80k but for re-engineering, it cost around one lakh. Directed by Ramesh Indra, as this movie deals in sensitive topics marriage and divorce. This movie revolves around the male lead, his driver, relation of both with their car. Music is composed by Arjun Janya and Dop by Advaita Gurumurthy. Hitha Chandrasekhar also playing a role in this movie.